Best “Arm Fat Reduction” Exercises At Home – Arm Workouts

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Arm Fat Reduction Exercises – Arm Workouts


When you start arm workouts, the least attention given part of the body is an arm. People do not give proper attention to that arm fat reduction but this is very important instead. The extra fat around your arms area stops you from fulfilling your some of the major desires. For instance, you cannot wear sleeveless shirts and the short sleeve ones too. So, you should lose extra arm fat quickly through arm workouts to enjoy all these things.

These arm workouts may look difficult but it’s not impossible. A determination is a key to success and once you become determined, you will do it. Some moves are required to be done and you will get used too and complete rest of all easily.

Some best arms fat reduction exercises given below with respective methods. You should start it from today.

1. One Arm Triceps

One Arm Triceps is the best arm fat reduction exercise. It not only reduces extra fat from your arm but also helps strengthen your arms muscles. one_arm_triceps_pictures

Exercise Method

Keeping the above image in focus, just sit on the floor, join your legs and feet together, keep bending your knees, and place your feet flat on the floor. You can place your hands on the floor or a chair. The direction of the hands should be toward your hips. Now start putting your body weight onto your arms. Then, bend your left elbow and bring your hips as close as you can to the floor without touching it.  The left elbow should stay straight and the movement repeated with the right hand. This should be done as many times as you can. Safety measures first.

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2. Circling of Arms

You can do these arm workouts in two ways. Either you do it without weight or with some reasonable weight. It depends on your muscles’ strength. We suggest that firstly it should be started without the weight and after few days, start doing with weight.


Exercise Method

Just stand up on the floor and keep feet in the width of your shoulders. Extend your arms along the sides and lift them to the height of your shoulders. One of some other arm workouts includes rotation of hands in small rounds in the frontward direction. After doing this start the same in the backward direction. In starting days it should be 20 minutes exercise then try to increase it to 50 minutes a day gradually.

3. Lateral raise of single arm

This exercise helps to strengthen your arms muscles and removes extra fat from it.


Exercise Method

Take the position of push ups. One arm should be extended out at the level of your shoulder. It should be in the front and even sideways by turn but should remain parallel to the floor. Lift the torso while keeping your abs and core engaged. With each movement, go your original position every time. Change the arms at reasonable intervals.

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4. Leg Lifting


To strengthen and building their shape along with removing extra fat, this fat arm workout will do all these things together.

Exercise Method

Get on the ground with both 2 feet and 2 hands. Bend your knees and place them right below your hips. The palms should be placed on your shoulders. Extend your one arm in forwarding direction and at the same time, extend your opposite leg backwards. Start Stretch as much as you can properly keeping the safety measures in mind. Keep staying few seconds in that position and then release. Repeat these arm workouts with the other hand and leg. Keep doing for 15 to 20 movements. This will help arm fat reduction definitely.

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you can also get help from the following tutorial:-

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