11 Simple Diet Tips To Gain Weight

4.5/5 (4) Tips to Gain Weight People with a fatty body wants to lose weight and with thin body wish to gain weight. You should use some natural remedies for this instead of using medicines. Here are some useful tips to gain weight being shared.  I today’s world, the customers for weight gain are almost […]


Top 16 Good Food to Eat in the Summer

4.5/5 (4) Good Food for Summer In this article, we are sharing a great package of good food to eat in summer. You know, the summer is coming and many health issues may arrive with this season. Don’t worry we enjoy a lot in summer too. And we can address these issues simply by eating good […]

Heat Stroke attack

Heat Stroke | Signs, Symptoms, Remedies and Treatment

5/5 (3) Heat Stroke Symptoms and Treatment  Introduction to Heat Stroke Heat Stroke also called a sunstroke is very common these days especially in areas near sea or oceans. Many deaths are reported every year due to heat stroke. It can cause the damage to your brain too. High temperature and extreme humidity can cause heat stroke in […]