Make Your Own Makeup Kit

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Guys! here we will discuss in detail how to make your own makeup kit step by step. It’s so simple in fact, just make a list of cosmetics you use regularly and prioritize it by its need. Your makeup kit will almost be ready.


You will be crazy about when you are wandering in the market and see some costly and pretty makeup kits. You must be thinking of buying all these kits but due to lack of budget, you step back. I tried to solve this scenario for you. Now you can easily make the same for you with a very low budget. Actually, all the things in these expensive makeup kits saw in the market are those you use daily but the arrangement of these items attract you. Simply, the presentation matters. Now, you can make such presentation at home for you or your kids.

While making your own kit, consider the following.

  • Separate cosmetics in a little section by its frequency of use
  • Mark these sections gracefully
  • Place all things organized in each section by its category

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In fact, purchasing all the things is not possible and not needed too. We have come up with a comprehensive method of creating and arranging your own makeup kit which is very simple to do. You need just to pay a little consideration to the whole business and prioritize things according to their use.

Buy a Pretty Pouch

Yes, the first and the leading thing you need to do is to get a beautiful pouch. While purchasing a makeup kit pouch, you should keep in mind the following things. First, see the capacity of the pouch whether it can contain all your makeup series needed. It should not so small that you are always fighting with the pouch and the makeup items.


Secondly, while selecting the size, you should think of the reality that if you want to place this makeup kit in a cupboard or elsewhere at your home, you can have a significantly large pouch or case. However, if you are going to buy a movable or easy to move makeup kit, make sure that it is small so that it goes in your bag. Furthermore, you should make sure that the bag has as many sections as it is compatible with your need. This will work easily. Here, you can do two different things. One, you can make a section in your pouch for all the things you use frequently. The second option is that you may place a little quantity of each item in a separate section. In simple words, you should create as many little sections as you can and place Category wise items in each section.

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Another aspect of making your makeup kit is that you should polish your pouch and clean it from both inside and outside. We suggest you buy an old pouch instead of spending money on a new one. It will enable you to fill that pouch with more cosmetics with this saved money. So it is necessary to make sure that all sections including the outer body of the pouch must be cleaned. For this purpose, you can use some chemical materials. Makeup kit essentially contains some uncovered items like brushes and sticks. Since these items have no caps, you need to put some special attention toward this aspect to keep the safe from the dust and other dirty things.

Then the another phase is to renovate your pouch well with the things available to you. If you have any drawing or painting capabilities, use this art on the pouch to make it good looking ad attractive. It will then become a homemade antique which is more attractive than branded pouches available in the markets.

Organize Your Makeup Kit

plan_your_makeup kit

In this part, you need to prepare your makeup kit along with your makeup tools. For this purpose, you not only require to prepare the layout of the things but also to select the contents. You need to have a variety of makeup brushes including emergency brushes. Keep the appropriate amount of lipstick colors that you usually use according to the season and the event. Prioritize them and place in a proper section so that you know which thing is placed where. Anything you need anytime must be found easily and you must remember the place of that item.

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Make Your Own Makeup Kit
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Make Your Own Makeup Kit
1. Buy a Pretty Pouch 2. Buy Some Valuable Makeup Items 3. Organize Your Makeup Kit 4. Keep Updated

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