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Muslim girl’s dressing is incomplete without hijab or abaya. Here, we are sharing some unique Muslim hijab style with a decent look. You will definitely like them.

Muslim Hijab Style

Muslim Hijab Style

You will find in this article from Keyzet how which style of hijab or abaya suits your personality. Women tend to be very fashion and ‘attire’ conscious. No matter what they opt to wear, they want it to be up to date

This is the nature of all girls to keep their dressing up to date according to the latest fashion, trend and style. We are here to help you all the way in this regard in respect of Muslim Hijab Style.

At present, wearing abayas has become very usual. Before few years, it was only a symbol of religious girls but now, it is as famous in modern families as religious ones. Now, while we have decided to wear the abaya, the question arises, how to associate it with fashion and style too. For this purpose, we have to keep both fashions and the need together.

Following are some tips to consider while buying an abaya.

#1. Color Selection

In the past days, women mostly used black coloured burqa/abaya/hijab. Now, when it comes to fashion, girls use coloured or even multi-coloured hijab. You can use any combination of hijab which is available in ready-made in the market or you can sew them at home with customised style.

#2. Fabric Selection

As discussed above, a variety of hijab and abaya is available now in the fashion market, It should be noted to buy comfortable fabric according to weather. For example, you can buy light weight and light coloured hijab in summer and wear hot stuff in winter.

#3. Dizzy Designs

Try to stitch the box when designing your hijab. design it in loose stitching and make it in such design which enhances its grace. For instance, for a chiffon hijab, use pleats on the back of belly to get the waterfall look.

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#4. Sleeve Styling

You can increase your abaya’s look by designing its sleeves in a decent and graceful style. In abayas, you can design sleeves in different colors and different designs as per your need.


#5. Use of Lace

Using lace or net on your hijab is also a great idea. Try to use contract combination of lace which will make your abaya more fabulous.

#6. Don’t Under-Estimate Accessories 

Don’t forget about small accessories of your hijab. They are very important in designing fashionable abaya and hijab, especially for younger girls. Use fancy buttons, belts, and studs on it. You should also use some reasonable stones on it.

#7. All Black

The burqa, hijab or abaya, the traditional color is obviously black. So, nobody can challenge it’s grace anyways. While decided to ear only black, accessorised it with a pair of neon shoes and a bright long strap shoulder bag to get a wonderful look.

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#8. Tricky Design

Use the tricky design of your abaya which looks open from the front side in illusion by using another colored strip under it. It will look so attractive.

#9. Layered It Up

In the cold season, you can use multi-layered hijab and abaya to get a more interesting look. You can also use fur cardigan or a funky jacket daringly.

#10. Scarf Selection

While spending a lot on your hijab, never ignore your scarf. Also, invest some additional money on your scarf side. Use printed or plain abayas with soft and graceful fabric and accessorise it nicely.


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So, girls, this is how you can stylise with hijab. These suggestions are your best solution to dress up with an abaya. This is a mix of fashion and decency soaked together for a modest-glam look. These were the suggestions for Muslim Hijab Style.

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