The Reality of Toxic Cosmetics

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Beauty and its killing side effects. In this article, we are sharing the reality of toxic cosmetics which uses toxic ingredients.


Toxic Cosmetics

You would never accept that an average person uses more than 15 different cosmetic commodities in a day? It’s really surprising when you think how easy it is to have a lot of water, take a rest for the whole night and of course, have the natural form you were born with. Why I may rarely press a fresh original beet against my lips or employ a little raw olive oil, but otherwise is the case. This is the fact.

Fine okay! I routine, I am using a face primer, undereye concealer, moisturizer, base,  powder, eyeliner, blush, lips stain, eyebrow powder and bronzer, and that was just the preparation for going to school. As you pass your age and appear to more than 30, you need toxic cosmetics more than double of what you were using in 16.

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The picture above keeps everything in it. You always use the not only the chemicals but the worst chemicals. I use a ridiculous amount of different cosmetics regular basis, from perfumes to makeup to skin care contents. So, you need to seriously think which products you should use and in what quantity.


Here are some facts that I discovered:

“89% percent of 10,500 itmes used in cosmetics goods have not been evaluated for protection by the Health Authorities.”

by Environmental Working Group

Resultantly, so many makeups may contain reproductive toxins and many other chemicals that might pretend to health risks. Up to 50% to 60% gets absorbed of what we use on our body in shape of expensive cosmetics.

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Be careful, Killers Ahead!

We need to be really very careful while purchasing such cosmetics for our skin. You cannot avoid them 100% but with some knowledge, you can reduce the risk by 80%. Really…just consider and keep yourself safe.

How do they attack?

Every day when I take a shower, I am washing all the toxins in the water system.

Very tiny bits are used in makeup items especially in sunscreens and whitening creams (found in famous brands like L’Oréal, Max Factor, Revlon, Clarins, Lancome Paris, Clinique, and The Body Shop) might have highly dangerous impacts on microbes and a particular type of healthy soil bacteria.

It is also reviewed that chemicals that are usually mixed in sunscreen and whitening creams include the power to execute a virus and that threatens coral/Marjan. Sunscreen is the cream which almost everybody uses on the beach and whitening cream is the heart of every girl. Oh no! not every girl, the guys are equally the bigger market of whitening creams 🙂


If you think this is not so bad as I am telling, there is the little matter of the carbon footprint made by the manufacturers of the cosmetics, the industry which projected to appear to 265 billion by the year 2017. Will you believe me now?

We are worried about spreads of toxic chemicals to the environment through packaging waste, water, and energy utilization and more. So you must be thinking of what to use when all the things are so toxic? Yes, the answer is too complicated, since selecting all the good from the marketing cage and to verify an eco-status of the item is really difficult than you can think.

Makeup_large_toxic cosmetics

Damaging Chemicals usually found in daily Products

Unlickily, there are fewer producers of makeup items which claim that they follow the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in their manufacturing process in which they do not use toxic chemicals. And soe are claiming that they use natural non toxic cosmetics in their products. The cosmetics which can cause damage to your skin are usually found in daily used products. Avoid them or use them as little as you can.

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How to Protect Yourself

On the other hand, there are so many companies which uses natural ingredients in their products. Examples of such companies is Qarshi and Hamdard in sub-continent. You should prefer herbal products instead of using chemicalized products. There are very useful herbal products made in United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

If you still want to use unnatural cosmetics, you can. But just consider the list of its ingredients and see the materiality of toxic ingredients. For example, if they are found to be 10% to 20%, its better to use them as compared to 70% ot 80%. Be in touch with the Cosmetics Regulatory or Monitoring Authorities of your countries and follow their instructions.

Do you check cosmetics labels and avoid such chemicals? If not, start doing from today!

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