Style Tips For Saree Draping

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Saree has now become a very important and famous choice to wear in both for regular wearing and party gathering. Saree draping is not too easy as you think. It is an art and not every second person cannot do this correctly.

Saree Draping


You can drape a saree in so many different ways but five methods are very popular and unique in India and Pakistan. You can try any one of them on all suitable events.

#1. The Lehenga Drape

Lehenga style of saree draping is one of the best styles of saree, especially in India. It is rapidly becoming famous in Pakistan too. It is not so common in Bangladesh and Nepal. This is a graceful mix of the conventional saree and a lehenga choli. Just like a traditional saree, the lehenga style saree is worn more than an underskirt (in-skirt, pavan-dai in the south, and Shaya in north-eastern India), adjacent with Ghagra Choli.

This style is best for events and festivals like a Maiyaan (in the wedding), a mehndi or likewise. It is elegant and a bit everywhere. You can try it like shown in the below picture.

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The major thing in Lehenga drape of saree is its color combination. It does not suit in one color. Further, it is good in bright and shiny colors. So, always choose a right combination of colors for this sort of Saree draping.

#2. Two-Layer Drape


This is another best method drape your saree. In this way, you just give your whole sari look a single long cover and on the top side, just a short cover. This will give your wearings an elegant look. This saree is famous in Muslim women because of its covering.

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#3. Bengali Drape

This Saree draping style is a bit traditional particularly if you want to wear something on the wedding. This style is following the Bengali traditions. Let’s begin with folding the Saree end from the right side of the waist and until it completes one full round back to the right side.

Then fold the Saree opposite from the right side of the waist to left side, the converse from left to right. Redo this process twice. After that make pallu folds and put it on the left shoulder such that it makes a deep U-shape on the front.


Then take a corner of pallu and fasten a pin to it. Take the pallu corner to the front side under the right hand and put it on your right shoulder. This is how to drape a Bengali Saree.

#4. Half Saree Drape

In draping Saree, this is another fabulous way to wrap it. This style is mostly used in Pakistan in daily events, parties and festivals. but as you know in Pakistan Saree is not so common to wear, so draping different ways is very difficult. In Half Saree draping, it should be covered in centred around the back side of the saree than the front side to make the back and the fall look strong and more graceful.

Half_draping_Saree draping

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#5. Front Pallu Drape

This is my favourite Saree draping style but some people may not like it. If you see the theme of this style, you will also fall in love with this style. Just see the grace in the below picture before rejecting this style.

Front_Pallu_Drape_Saree draping

Finally, it is an attractive and elegant falling style named as the Front Pallu Wrap. Try any one of above style of Saree draping and must send us feedback.

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