Stylish Pakistani Dresses for Girls

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Every girl wants to look beautiful and stylish with latest and unique designs. Clothing is the most prominent and important thing which can show their beauty & style. Some Pakistani dresses are being shared her in this article.

Pakistani Dresses for Girls


Women are the most charming beings living on the earth. And because of this, they pay most of their attention to ornament themselves. They dress-up each day to look more and more pretty.

For girls, it is very important to look beautiful. There is a race among all girls of all the communities to have fashion better than others.  Anything they wear must be unique and be based on new fashion.

You can choose any of the thousands of designs available in the market. Here, we will discuss the style of your dresses. Further, you can customize them with colors and design. So, be ready for the competition now. The mission of us to make you more beautiful and gorgeous among other girls.

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Let’s have a detailed look over some Pakistani dresses for girls to have in their wardrobe.

#1. Patiala Salwar


Yes, the best for party wear. Girls are crazy about this style of dresses. You should have 2 or 3 Patiala Salwar pieces into your wardrobe. These are in-fashion since long. You can cut and stitch it by yourself. Here is the video how to stitch Patiala Salwar yourself.

you can easily stitch by watching this step by step tutorial. anyways, simply, it’s not difficult to stitch. You can buy some more designs or colors from the market as well. Girls usually like MULTICOLORED PATIALA SALWAR which is very common and in-fashion item these days.

#2. Cigarette Pants


You will see everybody wearing this styled shalwars whether in India or Pakistan. They are so common these days equally for parties and routine dressing. here is how to cut and stitch Cigarette Pant style.

you can buy the best designs and colors from the boutique too because this style has big variations and you can easily get them customized.

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#3. Long Frocks


Once, this frock was removed from the fashion industry, but now, came back with an amazing popularity. It was basically a traditional style but now adopted by the modern community too. Here are some beautiful designs for long frocks in Pakistani dresses.

You will definitely like it. You will look gorgeous using long heels with long frocks I bet. Must try it even for once and give us your feedback.

#4. Palazzo Suiting


This is my favourite one. It’s true that it does not suit everyone but with a healthy body, you can wear it freely. Following are few best designs for Palazzo Suites.

Palazzo is a good choice in summer especially because of its stitching. It’s always airy, comfortable and stylish. So, on of the best Pakistani dresses.

#5. Gown Style


This is another great choice for women to wear. This dress also came back after a long time. And its revival is just because of Bollywood. Indian Film Industry used gown style in their movies. Multicolored gown kurta is very famous in the fashion market.

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#6. Double Shirt


Double shirts are fabulous and are evenly best for dressing as regular clothing both for home and office. Few designs of double shirts are little costly but amazing in nature. It is in-fashion in Pakistani dresses.

#7. Angrakha

pakistani dresses

In early 2000, girls left wearing it and were thinking that it was just a fashion of the 90s. But the analysis went wrong and this style created a space for it not only in 2010 but till now too. Google for more styles and select any of them freely.

#8. Embroidered Kurta

pakistani dresses_embroidered_kurta

If you are looking for a huge variety of styles and designs, embroidered shirts are here for you. There are thousands of designs to create and wear. In a free time, you can design your own design. Homemade designs are recommended for you to wear.

#9. Choori Dar Pajama

choori_dar_pajama pakistani dresses

What a famous pajama of the sub continent ever. It was very famous in gents at early ages then came into girls’ fashion and become popular. This pajama ruled hundreds of year in India. It is still the choice of all classes of teens.

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