Keep Your Summer Style the Right Way

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Hi! I’m here again to share some amazing ideas on Summer Style for you this season. Every girl looks for breathable and comfortable stuff to wear which also fulfils the requirement of present fashion and style.

Tips For Summer Style


You will look gorgeous if you adopt some the right style in a right way in any season. In summers, simple styling with light colors looks more decent.

Summer gives you full chance to wear everything you want as compared to winter. You can do it before monsoon because after starting monsoon, the clothing and style will be changed completely due to extreme humidity. So, here’s the chance from end February to mid-July to style-up yourself as you want. The good news is this that fashion and style trends are changing every year sharply and you will see fresh and latest designs and clothing every time you go to the market. Anyways, in this story, my focus of styling would be only to make you comfortable with summer style.

Boost up your summer styling this season keeping the point of finesse and grace. Never be a blind fashion follower only, select the effective summer styles that suit great as per your habit, taste, culture and nature. Below are some marvellous suggestions to help you in keeping the summer styling the right way.

#1. Use Flat Shoes

You will need comfortable shoes for your casual and party wears in summer. For this purpose, you must select such stuff which is airy, soft comfortable enough to breathe you feet during extreme heat. If we talk about colors, you can wear both the light colors as well as the dark ones whatever color and style you like.


For this purpose, I suggest you buy some flat, colourful and open-toed sandals with firm support to keep you from the risk of slipping due to sweat.

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#2. Loose Dressings

The fashion is not good which hangs you all the day and you every time look to change your dress. In summer especially during extreme humidity, you cannot and should not wear skin tight body clothing. Just adopt the “bigger is better” rule in summer.


You can use loose dresses like kurta shirts and fairy tops that give you more chances to flow air between them. Loose dresses enable you to feel more relaxed and stylish in the warm climate.

#3. Camouflage Patterns

Being young and smart, you should wear some clothes like bearing camouflaged patterns. These are more stylish items in summers especially. Buy some soft and loose patterns for your summer. They are available in different bright and light colors.


I suggest you camouflaged patterns because they have so many designs available in the market. You feel easy and comfortable all the day with them. The best casual dressing for you in summers.

#4. Layered Fabric

When styling is on the peak, you must try some multi-layered different types of fabrics. It will enable you to get rid of sweat grains in summer. Although it may look unusual to you but layering up with stylish stuff in the summer is really the best idea of styling. Any individual soft bit of cloth will attach to your body with the presence of sweat, and you will find yourself constantly busy in tugging, adjusting, and blowing the stuff all the time. I will be embarrasing for other people too.


For this purpose, the solution is to wear two or three layered stuff which provides your body with a better ventilation. You just need to choose which colors of layers will suit you.

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#5. Natural Fabrics

select the summer dresses that are made up of natural fabrics. Usually, natural fabrics are more breathable and relaxed than anything else.


Because, the natural clothing is not too stretchable, so you should make your tops and kurtas in a loose style. Buy some soft lawn for humid summer days, instead of choosing swiss voiles.

#6. Dark Colors are not Forbidden

Remember! tips mentioned above does not mean that you should not wear dark colors. Surely go for them but keeping something in your mind. It’s true that dark colors like black catch the heat as compared to light ones but the advantages are that they might hide your sweat from others and give you more styling options.


When you try the dark colors, make sure the fabric is breathable and comfortable. Throwing out the dark colors will restrict your styling options. So, don’t say good bye to dark colors.

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#7. Selection of  Hand Bag

Styling is incomplete without hand bag and it is now becoming most important part of your fashion. The tip for a handbag is little but grant you much more. When you select your handbag for summer, keep in mind it shouldn’t touch your body or skin. This might cause rashes on our skin mixing with the sweat.


Rather moving a shoulder hand bag, use a hand bag and you will feel a lot better and comfortable by carrying a cross-body bag in the summertime during extreme humidity.

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