Plan to Transform your Personal Style Via These Tips

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We know your weakness. Of course, you like anybody else want to improve your personal style and look more beautiful. Don’t worry, we are sharing some very useful tips with you to be more stylish and glamorous. You will find here, how can you transform your personal style via these simple tips.

How To Transform Your Personal Style


We always focus on two things while giving any suggestion or tip for your fashion and style. One, this tip must be practical and easily executable at home. Secondly, it must be low cost and affordable.

The preference of every girl is to look pretty and stylish without any barrier and make it a regular regimen. To achieve this target, the attention is needed on self-grooming and carry out related treatments. There are a lot of procedures and techniques there to fulfil the need. just analyse and see what you need to avoid and what you should follow.

#1. Disposable Triangular Facial Sponge

The first accessory that will be used is the disposable triangular facial sponge. Make it wet and continue to apply it on your face to soften your makeup. It also helps to smooth up the caked up makeup and at the same time helps to clear your face from the rough skin.

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#2. Use Moisturizer

Always try to apply the moisturizer on your face daily. Make sure that the moisturizer has the SPF ingredients. This is too good for your facial skin.

#3. Bigger Look o Lips

If we talk about your lips treatment, you should try to make them a bigger look. For this purpose, you should use shimmery white eye shadow in the centre of your top lip. This will make an illusionary look showing your lips bigger.

#4. Apply Imitation Tan

Gradually and regularly use an imitation tan without the least hurry. Give yourself thirty minutes time gap before you go to sleep or dress up. By following this tip, you will definitely achieve the results you need.

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#5. Treat Eye Redness Immediately

Girls, sometimes, do not care about their eyes’ redness. Whenever you see a red look, immediately treat it by putting some drops at appropriate quantity after consulting the eye specialist. Always keep your eyes fresh and glowing. This is very important for your personal style.

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#6. Avoid Chemicalized Brands

It is necessary to exfoliate your skin constantly to get rid of all the chemicals and pollutants your skin gets shined daily. Recipes are there on the google, relating to the method of exfoliation without any additional cost.

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#7. Use of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is an essential item and never forget it in your style list. You can use make your own non-alcoholic mouthwash at home. You just need a peppermint oil and refined water. Boil the water and keep it in any container. Mix a drop for each ounce of boiled water.

Hope these tips will be useful to transform your personal style.

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